AP Lit. Wuthering Heights/Senior Project/Poetry

Wuthering Heights Assignment

1.  From the AP Exam Info. packet, read pp. 1521-1523: “Dealing with the Fiction on the AP English Exam”,  concentrating on the types of questions that frequently appear on this portion of the exam.

2.  For Chapters 1-10 of Wuthering Heights, select a passage you think would be AP worthy, and based on the question types from the packet, design 10 AP – level multiple choice questions.

3.  Both the passage and questions should be typed and printed before tomorrow’s class.

4.  Rubric:  You will be graded on effectiveness of your questions.  In other words:

   a.  Your questions should be arranged in order of  least to most challenging.

   b.  The questions must focus on critical and analytical reading.

   c.  Questions can address structure, style, theme, figurative language, imagery, symbolism, tone, syntax, etc.

Senior Project:

1.  Letter to the judges due tomorrow.

2.  Thank you note to mentor due Nov. 11 @ beginning of class.

3.   Portfolio due on Nov. 13@ beginning of class.

Poetry Terms:

1.  Poetry Terms Multiple Choice Assessment:  Nov. 12.

Voc. Unit #11

1.  Quiz tomorrow on Fri. Nov. 5.


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